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Guru Rewben Mashangva is a renowned folk musician and singer from Manipur, India known for reviving musical tradition of the Tangkhul Nagas.

His music is famous for use of traditional musical instruments.

Known as ‘King of Naga Folk Blues’ by the public and ‘Cultural Ambassador of the Nagas’ by the journalist, Guru Rewben is a talented singer, musician, songwriter, folk music researcher and maker of musical instruments.

He plays the guitar producing a ethnic folk sound like no one can, the mouth organ, the four hole flute known as yangkahui, the tingteila (folk fiddle) and his rare cow bell percussion.


– All India Radio approved artist.

– ‘Guru’ title confeered under Guru Shishya Parampara Scheme under sponshorship of North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC).

– Manipur State Kala Akademi Awardee 2005 for Tribal Folk Music.

– NETV People’s Choice Nominee 2006, Folk Musician of the year.

– North East Excellence Award 2009 by Indian Chamber of Commerce.

– National Tribal Award 2012 by Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

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